This is the blog where I’m going to write what I want when I want. It will probably be really random, hence the name, but I’ll try to make it good.

I suppose you might want to know a little about me too. Well, I’ve got a degree in literature and a minor in creative writing. I’m a world traveler, and I just got back from a two month stay in Madagascar. This blog is something of a homecoming project. I have plans for my life, but should they all fall through I’ll be just as happy to live in a trailer with my five cats and three dogs while I collect ceramic figurines, which my five cats will undoubtedly break. In the meantime, I’m working towards my goals of becoming gainfully employed and a published author.

On this blog you might see random posts about my life, my cat, my dog, my rather large family, my travels, the books I read, or, if I’m feeling brave enough, some of my poetry or short stories. If any of these are things you might be interested in then stick around, if not, well, at least you read this far.