Word Wednesday

Word Wednesday!

Definitions are taken from the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Comeuppance: a noun meaning “punishment that someone deserves to receive.”

Where did I learn this word? From Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire.

Why do I like it? Because it sounds a lot like the combination of the three words ‘come’ ‘up’ and ‘pence.’ Which, if you think about it, but don’t think about too hard, kind of makes sense for a word that means what this word does. This is not the proper etymology of the word, but if you take ‘comeuppance’, divided it into the words it sounds like a combination of, and then make a sentence out of it, it would be “come up with the pence.” Which, to me, is very much reminiscent of the phrase “paying the piper”, which, in effect, means something very similar to comeuppance. This is all, of course, nonsense. Nevertheless, it’s the kind of thing I think about for some reason, and that’s why I like the word.

Have I ever used this word? Sadly no, but I will be looking for my first opportunity.


Word Wednesday

It’s Word Wednesday!

Hello friends!

I’ve decided to try a new thing, and I’m calling it word Wednesday because, well, I’ve never been that good at titles. Anyway, basically the way it’s going to work is that every Wednesday I’m going to be making a post about a word that I have recently learned. This post will, of course, include the definition, as well as little bit about where I learned the word and why I like it etc. And now, without further ado, here is the first word!

(All definitions will be taken from the Merriam-Webster dictionary)

nabob: a noun meaning “a very rich or important person.”

Where did I learn this word? From reading The Count of Monte Cristo. During the course of the novel several people upon first becoming accounted with the count speculate that he is some kind of nabob.

Why do I like it? Well, just say it, go ahead, give it a try… It was fun right? I also like that it means someone is rich and important, both apparently good thing, but that it totally sounds like an insult. For example, “Did you meet Susie last night? She is such a nabob!” See, it sounds like an insult right?! Okay, maybe it’s just me who thinks it’s funny.

Have I ever used this word? I did “use it” in a word game I was playing with my brothers during a longish car trip about a week ago, but it wasn’t in context so I guess it didn’t really count.

Aaaand, that’s the end of my first Word Wednesday! I hope you liked it and learned something new!